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“There is this nation called Ta-Seti and this nation is further up south on the [Nile] river, in an area called Nubia and that is called the oldest monarchy in the world. [T]hey excavated the tombs of these kings in Nubia and these kings were said to be tall, black-skinned people. The goddess Isis and her child were already in place at the beginning of dynastic Kemet [modern-day Egypt] in 3,100 B.C. The dynastic [period of] Kemet begins after the primary religion of Kemet had already been created. So when you go to Ta-Seti for example, there is the god Horus, this child that’s being held by the virgin mother [Isis] is already recorded in Ta-Seti, south of Kemet and it’s much older than Kemet. So the religion is in place, astronomy is in place, writing (the heiroglyphics or Medu Neter) is in place — all of those things are already in place. So the culture is in place before the political organization of Kemet as a nation.”

Source: Dr. Asa Hilliard’s Master Keys interview.


“Evidence of the oldest recognizable monarchy in human history, preceding the rise of the earliest Egyptian kings by several generations, has been discovered in in artifacts from ancient Nubia in Africa. Until now it has been assumed that at the time the ancient Nubian culture, which existed in what is now northern Sudan and southern Egypt, had not advanced beyond a collection of scattered tribal clans and chiefdoms. The existence of rule by kings indicates a more advanced form of political organization in which many chiefdoms are united under a more powerful and wealthier ruler. The discovery is expected to stimulate a new appraisal of the origins of civilization in Africa, raising the question of to what extent later Egyptian culture may have derived its advanced political structure from the Nubians.”

I was born five years after this article was published, yet I am learning for the first time, that the New York Times published this information nearly four decades ago. Smdh! Why isn’t this mentioned in the Bible? Why isn’t this information being taught in our schools?

Source: Boyce Rensberger. “Ancient Nubian Artifacts Yield Evidence of Earliest Monarchy.” The New York Times. March 1, 1979. http://www.nytimes.com/1979/03/01/archives/ancient-nubian-artifacts-yield-evidence-of-earliest-monarchy-clues.html.

“Understanding and awareness by the whites has not always been made any easier by historians of slavery and, as far as Britain is concerned, of its imperial past, possibly because they were part of what they were trying to describe. There is a mathematical theorem which is apposite: a mathematical system cannot be completely self-descriptive since all the rules necessary for describing the system cannot be stated within it. This theorem can be applied equally well to any political or economic system; thus the operators of slavery and the slave trade and their opponents, as well as those who wrote their history, were not able to stand far enough outside the system to describe it objectively, nor generally to analyse it accurately. What certain historians did was to perpetuate the abolition myth according to which the slave system was not a system at all. Rather it was a large and unsavoury business run by some very nasty characters who treated the poor blacks badly until a handful of white heroes organised the entire country against them, routed them after a long battle, gave liberty to the blacks, and cleansed the nation for ever more of the taint of guilt and racism. Certainly this is still the view the man in the street and his children have of their past.”

Source: Jack Gratus. The Great White Lie. pg. 13. 1973.

“British West Indian slavery was an integral part of a triangular trade in which manufactured goods for barter, such as textiles, iron, guns and spirits, left Britain for the Guinea coast, there to be exchanged for, among other goods, human cargoes. On reaching the New World these were in turn exchanged for raw materials such as sugar and cotton which were transported to Britain to be turned into manufactured products, thus completing the triangle. In this way the system perpetuated itself for the benefit primarily of those who operated it — the plantation owners, the merchants, manufacturers, ship owners, and the bankers who supplied them with the capital necessary to run their respective businesses. Profits derived from the system found their way through reinvestment into other industries and agriculture, and it is not an exaggeration to say that they contributed substantially to the development of the Industrial Revolution on which Britain’s nineteenth-century prosperity was based.”

Source: Jack Gratus. The Great White Lie. pg. 11. 1973.

“The Atlantic slave trade, the crux of the British, American and European slave system, was the largest forced transportation of human beings from one part of the globe to another in the world’s history, and certainly one of the greatest unnatural disasters of all time. It lasted approximately 250 years and estimates put the total figure of slaves transported as high as forty million. Contrary to the myth which grew up in the nineteenth century and has now become hallowed by time, slavery was not simply a business conducted by a single and clearly identifiable group of cruel and unscrupulous individuals. It was a complete, all-embracing economic system involving, directly and indirectly, the colonists of the West Indies, the inhabitants of large areas of Africa, and countless numbers of people in Europe, Britain and America.”

Source: Jack Gratus. The Great White Lie. pg. 11. 1973.

the BLACK PYRAMID in Dahshur, Eygpt


Have you ever heard about or seen this pyramid before? I was able to see it from a distance when I went to Dahshur last year, but ever since then, it has always fascinated me. There are hundreds of pyramids located throughout Egypt, but we tend to only hear about the Giza Pyramids. Why do you think that is? My guess would be to support the myth and absurd lie that people of African descent had no civilization prior to the arrival of the European.

Photo Credit: Harald Gaertner. http://www.panoramio.com/photo/54940931#.