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“The United States’ largest owner of television stations, Sinclair Broadcast Group, mandated that its outlets run a segment on the so-called deep state that was produced by a former reporter for the Russian propaganda outlet RT, according to a new report. The ‘must-run’ piece aired on March 21 and featured Sebastian Gorka, the former adviser to President Donald Trump, lamenting the existence of a deep state—a popular conspiracy theory in some circles that longtime career public servants in the government are working to subvert the U.S. government. Trump has repeatedly complained about such a mysterious rogue network. Sinclair national correspondent Kristine Frazao produced the segment. Before joining Sinclair in 2013, she was an anchor/correspondent at RT, formerly Russia Today, for more than three years, according to her LinkedIn page. RT is an international television network funded by the Russian government. The Columbia Journalism Review called it ‘the Kremlin’s propaganda outlet.'”

There is a video circulating online showing all of the various anchors reading from this script. I came across it from Erykah Badu’s Instagram page a couple days ago. She’s been speaking about this in her music for a long time (e.g. “I Stay Woke”), and it’s been going on before we were born… It was pretty disturbing and sad to watch. We are literally witnessing the fall of a racist and corrupt empire, but from a black person’s perspective, this should have happened over four hundred years ago. It is time for transformative social change!!


Source: Ryan Sit. “MEDIA GIANT SINCLAIR HIRED REPORTER FROM RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA OUTLET RT WHO PRODUCED ‘MUST-RUN’ ‘DEEP STATE’ SEGMENT.” Newsweek. March 30, 2018. http://www.newsweek.com/sinclair-broadcast-group-must-run-deep-state-rt-russia-today-867029.


“Ryan Coogler’s film [Black Panther] is a vivid re-imagination of something black Americans have cherished for centuries — Africa as a dream of our wholeness, greatness and self-realization.”

Source: Carvell Wallace. “Why ‘Black Panther’ Is a Defining Moment for Black America.” The New York Times Magazine. February 12, 2018. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/12/magazine/why-black-panther-is-a-defining-moment-for-black-america.html

Unjust enrichment involves circumstances that “give rise to the obligation of restitution, that is, the receiving and retention of property, money, or benefits which in justice and equity belong to another.”

Source: James Ballentine. Ballentine’s Law Dictionary, pg. 1320 (1969).

“Enormous amounts of African resources, including great human resources, and much socioeconomic development had been sacrificed to make European countries very wealthy. There is a similar connection between the great immiseration of African Americans and the enrichment and prosperity of most European Americans. Over several centuries, most whites, as individuals and families, have benefited handsomely from anti-black oppression and the transmission of ill-gotten wealth and privilege from one generation to the next. Today, the relative prosperity, long life expectancies, and high standard of living of white Americans are significantly rooted in centuries of exploitation and impoverishment of African Americans and other Americans of color.”

Source: Joe Feagin, Documenting the Costs of Slavery, Segregation and Contemporary Racism. Harvard BlackLetter Law Journal. pg. 50. 2004.

“In his probing book The World and Africa, the distinguished sociologist W. E. B. Du Bois argued that the poverty in Europe’s African colonies was a ‘main cause of wealth and luxury in Europe.'”

Source: Joe Feagin, Documenting the Costs of Slavery, Segregation and Contemporary Racism. Harvard BlackLetter Law Journal. pg. 50. 2004.

“[I]f…African Americans will not be compensated for the massive wrongs and social injuries inflicted upon them by their government during and after slavery, then there is no chance that America can solve its racial problems.”

Source: Randall Robinson. The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks. 2001.

“There is this nation called Ta-Seti and this nation is further up south on the [Nile] river, in an area called Nubia and that is called the oldest monarchy in the world. [T]hey excavated the tombs of these kings in Nubia and these kings were said to be tall, black-skinned people. The goddess Isis and her child were already in place at the beginning of dynastic Kemet [modern-day Egypt] in 3,100 B.C. The dynastic [period of] Kemet begins after the primary religion of Kemet had already been created. So when you go to Ta-Seti for example, there is the god Horus, this child that’s being held by the virgin mother [Isis] is already recorded in Ta-Seti, south of Kemet and it’s much older than Kemet. So the religion is in place, astronomy is in place, writing (the heiroglyphics or Medu Neter) is in place — all of those things are already in place. So the culture is in place before the political organization of Kemet as a nation.”

Source: Dr. Asa Hilliard’s Master Keys interview.