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“A highly controversial interpretation by Martin Bernal argues that the Greeks borrowed many of their concepts about government, philosophy, the arts, sciences and medicine from ancient Egypt. Furthermore, the Egyptians, geographically located in North Africa, were an African people, and the origins of Western culture are therefore African. Though they recognize the interactions between Egyptians and Greeks, Bernal’s critics contend that he greatly overemphasizes Egypt’s influence on ancient Greece. While historians continue to debate the matter, tentative findings indicate that Egyptian-Greek contacts, particularly in Crete, introduced the Greeks to Egyptian knowledge and art.”

Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan, John G. Jackson, Ivan Van Sertima and many other black pan-Africanists have also said the same thing as Bernal, but they were always labeled “racist” or “black supremacists” for trying to correct the record and state historical facts.

Source: Foundations of Education. pg. 63.


“Americans should anticipate more military operations in Africa as the war on terrorism continues to morph, Sen. Lindsey Graham warned Friday. ‘This war is getting hot in places that it’s been cool, and we’ve got to go where the enemy takes us,’ Graham told reporters on Capitol Hill.”

There has been a war on Afrika and people of Afrikan descent for more than 400 years! This must stop!!!

Source: Sophie Tatum. CNN. October 20, 2017. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/10/20/politics/lindsey-graham-increase-military-operations/index.html

Beyoncé channels Yoruba Goddess Oshun.


I loved Bey’s performance at the GRAMMYs on Sunday. I loved it even more because one of the two songs performed, was co-written by my good friend Ingrid Burley!

Some people are saying that Bey’s look was inspired by the Yoruba goddess Oshun. The Yoruba people are “descendants from variety of West African communities” who are “united by geography, history, religion and most importantly language.” The main countries where the Yoruba people live are Nigeria, Togo and Benin. In their religion, Oshun is the “goddess of water, fertility, motherhood, and the passing of the generations.” This deity is also responsible for blessing women with twins. As you [may] know, Bey is pregnant with twins. For more information on the Yoruba, click here.

I’ve always loved Bey, but I love her even more for continuing to use her platform to help [re]awaken the psyche of Africans, especially those living in the United States of America.

More pics from her performance are below:

“When Arab merchants came to the Sudan, about 1000 A.D., they already found a well-arranged system of commerce. When the Arabs first visited Negroland by the Western route in the 8th and 9th centuries of our era, they found the black kings of Ghana in the height of their prosperity.”

Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan includes this quote in his book, Black Man of the Nile. It was made by Captain [Lord] Lugard’s wife, Lady Flora Shaw Lugard.

This is my first time learning that Europeans once called Africa “Negroland.” Crazy. As a footnote on page 99, Dr. ben-Jochannan states:

“NEGROLAND,” the word underscored in Lady Lugard’s comments about Ghana, was a creation of the imagination of the colonialist Europeans before Lady Lugard’s era. It was incorporated on maps by Europeans such as her husband. Captain [Lord] Lugard, like Cecil Rhodes and King Leopold II of the Belgians, was responsible for the murder of millions of Africans that was not equaled even by Adolph Hitler and his Nazis at the height of their massacre of the European Jews. It is conservatively estimated that between them they had killed more than 100 million Africans in their question for control of the natural resources of the Afrians in their own continent — Alkebu-an [AFRICA]. (emphasis added)

If these genocidal acts do not constitute as crimes against humanity, then what does? Oh, I forgot….we AREN’T HUMAN IN THEIR MINDS so no answer is necessary. Enough is enough. Reparations are in order!

new books to add to my collection.


I’ve read earlier works from each author, so I’m excited to start reading these books!

“[T]he African-Americans’ AFRICAN HERITAGE is as important to producing the BLACK CHILD into a meaningful adulthood designed to understand his or her value and contribution to the world’s high-culture [civilization], just as the European-Americans’ EUROPEAN HERITAGE does for the WHITE CHILD in all of the WHITE STUDIES and EUROPEAN STUDIES courses all of us, BLACK and WHITE, must learn and pass with high marks or grades as we become European-Americans [whites] in African [black]-American skin.”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. Cultural Genocide. pg. 134. 1989.

“Earlier this week, University of North Dakota students stole an African-American student’s phone and posted photos of themselves in blackface with a caption reading ‘Locked the black b*tch out.’ It referred to the fact that the girls locked the fellow student out of a dorm room. While the university said it was in the process of investigating the incident, it happened once again. According to KFYRT, the school is now being forced to investigate yet another incident of white female students who put on blackface and posted it on social media with the caption “Black Lives Matter.” One facebook user posted the picture and tagged UND saying, ‘the problem is growing worse here at UND.’ A spokesperson told KFYRT that they are investing the incident but confirmed that the girls photographed do attend the school. The school’s president released a statement Thursday saying that he is appalled that within 48 hours two photos surfaced of students in blackface mocking the African American community. He admitted that the school clearly has a lot of work to do.”


As they say: Imitation is the highest form of flattery. They envy and hate us so much because these pale faced psychopaths  wish they were blessed with that God-given MELANIN! #whitelivesinblackfacematter

Source: Sarah K. Burris. “University of North Dakota ‘Appalled’ After Second Racist Pic In Three Days Is Exposed.” Raw Story. September 23, 2016. http://www.rawstory.com/2016/09/north-dakota-college-appalled-after-second-student-blackface-pic-in-three-days-is-exposed/.