“Some things in life are just not fair. We learn that when we are very young. The bigger kid gets on the team, the more attractive kid becomes class president, and the kid with more money gets to have nicer things. We accept those realities even when we try to fight them. Arbitration, particularly as it is practiced in employment law, is not all that different. It is an unfair system that is forced or imposed on employees and consumers while disregarding our civil rights and liberties in favor of an abbreviated, and at times perverse, form of justice.”

Source: Wendi S. Lazar. Mandatory Arbitration: Searching For Fairness.  Law.com. March 5, 2015. 

“Jupiter is known for creating luck or fortunate occurrences (or at least being open to them). Uranus is known for out of the blue surprises and Venus connects us to others. All of these planets together, all in fire signs (which tend to sweep us up in inspiration, a fevered fury or an impulsive action) are a hot concoction of creation. Much like the wheel of fortune being spun (and this month’s full moon is on Purim, a Jewish holiday whose name literally means “Lottery”), when they come together, we may as well try our luck at what we most want.” — Chani Nicholas


Near the end, Chani also says:

May this astrology help to awaken our humanity and may we make the repairing of this beautiful and broken world our first and only job.

I really like that quote.

Source: Chani Nicholas. “Full Moon in Virgo & Venus Meets The Uranus/Pluto Square.” March 3, 2015.  http://www.chaninicholas.com/full-moon-virgo-venus-meets-uranuspluto-square/.

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” ― Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Into the Aten is an ode to the sun, an ode to the power, and as an Afrikan people…you want a primary source…you want to get back to the source of all things. That is why that Kemites and the Kushites call themselves as ‘children of the sun’ because we are not earthlings. We are starlings. We are bits and pieces of the sun that have been intuned in this nitrogen-hydrogen-oxygen-carbon complex that we call the body.” — Booker T. Coleman, Jr.

“What were our ancestors doing? How were they learning? What was it that they were embracing that allowed them to be able to succeed in life that future generations would have to say that people from outer space, with a much higher level of consciousness, came down and built things?” — Booker T. Coleman, Jr.