“The earliest Bible writers, if not Egyptian by birth, were Egyptian in spirit and feeling. This is readily understood when we bear in mind that all of the truly great spiritual leaders of later years, not excluding the Nazarene— like Moses before him — went to Egypt for study, preparation and final Initiation into the Mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. This is admitted in Christian literature.”

Source: Clymer. The Mysteries of Osiris. pg. xiv. 1951.

“Why should Americans trust you when you accuse the information they receive of being fake, when you provide information that’s not accurate?” — NBC reporter Peter Alexander 

Alexander “corrected President Donald Trump during a press conference Thursday after the president again made a false claim about his Electoral College victory margin.” 

Source: Mollie Reilly. “Reporter Fact-Checks Trump: ‘Why Should Americans Trust You?'” Huffington Post. February 16, 2017. http://huff.to/2lpfmAC

“In this article, I will try to identify what the purposes of the current generation of employment discrimination laws should be and to suggest institutional arrangements that promote these purposes. I conclude that it is a mistake to focus, as current law primarily does, on the question whether an employer has engaged in specific acts of discrimination. Even if discrimination is the concern in some ultimate sense, the objectives of the antidiscrimination laws are not best served by trying to detect individual acts of discrimination. Instead, the employment discrimination laws should be designed to give employers incentives to hire and promote members of minority groups in proportion to their representation in the relevant population. “

Source: David A. Strauss. “The Law and Economics of Racial Discrimination in Employment: The Case for Numerical Standards.” 79 The Georgetown Law Journal 1619, 1620. 1991.