“A lone British businessman has beaten Batman, Superman and Spiderman over the legal right to use the word “superhero” in the title of his book. Graham Jules was about to publish his self-help manual “Business Zero to Superhero” in 2014 when he got a letter from Marvel and DC Comics claiming the word infringed their jointly-owned trademark. But modest Mr Jules fought back and even rejected an offer of ‘a couple of thousand’ to change his book title. And after a two-and-a-half-year wrangle the multi-billion dollar enterprises have backed down and admitted defeat with the North London entrepreneur. Four days before a planned hearing at the Intellectual Property Office in London they have dropped the case against their British foe “for commercial reasons”. Mr Jules, 48, who runs a firm setting up pop-up shops – and is also studying law – can keep the title of his book and finally publish it. He compiled his entire case without legal aid using a single textbook about intellectual property law – while his giant adversaries armed themselves with the finest legal minds. Mr Jules estimates he spent a total of just £200 – the cost of registering to fight the claim – plus 200 hours in writing letters.”


Source: The Telegraph. “Businessman Wins Battle Against Marvel And DC Comics To Use ‘Superhero’ In Book Title.” May 25, 2016. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/05/25/businessman-wins-battle-against-marvel-and-dc-comics-to-use-supe/.

“…Islam has been conceded to be a ‘Black,’ or ‘Negro,’ religion, because only a very small percentage of Europeans remain faithful to it, and very few European-Americans tolerate it in the United States of America. On the other hand it seems that Judaism and Christianity must be protected from becoming corrupted with ‘Negroes’ — their originators, in order that the lily ‘white lamb of the shepherd’ (the blonde Jesus Christ painted by Michaelangelo) would never become the ‘black sheep of the family;’ and that no black-skinned angel would ever integrate or amalgamate the present Caucasian heaven being presented to Christians and Jews alike.”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. pg. 235-236.   

“It should be readily understood that color prejudice is not the monopoly of Judaism, Christianity or Islam, nor is it the exclusive property of Europeans and European-Americans (Whites). One should readily see that the once ‘lowly Euopeans’ (Whites) are now the masters of the once ‘high Africans’ (Blacks). Also, that just as the Europeans were once excluded from history, or entered in a degrading manner by the ancients of Arabia, they too now join the ranks of the inquisitors and exclude the Africans or enter then in inferior references.”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. pg. 234-235.  

The word “negro” “never entered the language of Islam, Arabic, until the late part of the 17th Century C.E., at which time the Arabs made contact with the Portuguese originators of the word in West Africa. The Portuguese had established their ‘NEGROLAND’ and its ‘NEGRO’ people. The area they labeled ‘Negroland’ the indigenous Africans called ‘SOMGHAY’ (Songhai) Empire, and the vast majority of people therein — Mende (‘Mandingoes’)”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. pg. 234.  

“Criminal court systems across the country are using Northpointe, a Minority Report-esque algorithm designed to predict an offender’s likelihood to commit another crime in the future, to aid decisions about things like eligibility for bail and jail-diversion programs. Unfortunately, just like many non-algorithmic elements of the justice system, Northpointe seems to have a thing against black people. ProPublica published an investigation into Northpoint’s effectiveness in predicting recidivism, as evidence of racial bias in this effectiveness, and found that, after controlling for variables such as gender and criminal history, black people were 77 percent more likely to be predicted to commit a future violent crime and 45 percent more likely to be predicted to commit a crime of any kind. The study, which looked at 7,000 so-called risk scores issued in Florida’s Broward County, also found that Northpointe isn’t a particularly effective predictor in general, regardless of race: Only 20 percent of the people it predicted to commit a violent crime in the future ended up doing so.”

Source: Andy Cush. “This Program That Judges Use to Predict Future Crimes Seems Racist as Hell.” Gawker. May 2016.

“We, say the Africans, frighten the enemy by our own blackness even as night is more fearful than day. Wooly hair, too, is the finest and strongest. Black is superior. Black cows are considered the best and to have the most durable hides for leather. Black sheep gives the creamiest milk. Mountains and stones are harder the blacker they are. The black lion is irresistible. Black dates are the sweetest…Black ebony is the most solid and the most durable of woods…The pupils of the eye, too, are black and are they not the most precious part of the human body?”

Source: J. A. Rogers. World’s Great Men of Color. Vol. II.