“Israel is asking the United States to send $5 billion in annual defense aid for a decade, beginning in 2017, U.S. congressional sources told Reuters Wednesday. Israeli officials have asked for an increase of its current defense aid package, worth an average of $3 billion a year, which will expire in 2017. The new package would provide $5 billion per year in military aid for 10 years for a total of $50 billion, the congressional aides told Reuters.” 

Since those individuals who are occupying Israel are not really “Jewish” and they are claiming land that does not belong to them, the U.S. should give these frauds absolutely nothing.

Source: Kellan Howell. “Israel Asks U.S. For $5 Billion In Annual Defense Aid.” The Washington Times. November 5, 2015. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/nov/5/israel-asks-us-5-billion-annual-defense-aid/.