“The inhumanities of religion, or rather, religious systems and their practices, and the results obtained, have been due to the utterly mistaken idea  that, aside from spiritual concepts, one religion was more God-ordained than the others. In times past, even as today, there were those who believed that their religion was the only God-ordained religion and they would destroy all other systems, even proclaiming it a Divine command that those adhering to any other belief should be condemned, damned, tortured and utterly destroyed. All this in spite of the fact that religious systems and beliefs followed one in the wake of another, EACH COPIED FROM A PRECEDING ONE, WITH MINOR CHANGES IN PRACTICE AND NAMES.”

“It is a wrenching question with vast social and political significance: What role does race play when police stop and search motorists? Stanford University researchers said Monday they have found evidence that black and Latino drivers face a double standard and that police require far less suspicion to search them than their white counterparts.”

Duh!!! In what year, decade or century of American history hasn’t this been true!!!?!?!?

Source: “Black and Latino Drivers Are Searched Based On Less Evidence And Are More Likely To Be Arrested, Stanford Researchers Find.” LA Times. June 19, 2017.