“If the European and European-American can see beyond his (or her) own narrow belief that he alone is perfect; and that mankind did not have to call upon him to save humanity for any God whatsoever, then, and only then, is it possible for him to see the influences of Ju Ju, Voodoo, Magic, Obyah, Withcraft, and most other forms of other peoples’ religion and God that preceded the creation of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, had on them and their own beginning, and now.”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. African Origins of The Major “Western Religions.” pg. 16. 1970.

“One must remember that the Africans, although crushed in their every attempt to participate within the culture of the bestial environment of slavery, did communicate with each other in the cotton fields and other places where they labored, through Voodoo, Ju Ju, and other richly spiritual and religious devotions they developed in their indigenous homeland — the continent of Alkebu-lan (Africa). The bestiality of their slavemasters further made them learn each other’s religious songs and chants. This conglomerate of religious exultation, therefore, became the background for the later development which is today erroneously called ‘Negro Spirituals,’ instead of African incantations, or Voodoo Chants. It is to be remembered that the slaves were Africans; not ‘Negroes.’ ‘Negroes’ were originated by the European slavemasters, so was ‘Negroland.’ There was nothing ‘Negro’ about the development of the ‘Spirituals.’ They were developed by millions of Africans; not one of whom was a ‘free man’; not one a ‘citizen’; not one a ‘human being’ under the laws of Great Britain up until 1776 C.E.; neither were they so considered after the American war of independence from Great Britain, nor after their Federal Constitution was written, and from thence through the 14th Amendment of said document in 1885 C.E.; and to a very great extent not even today in 1970 — more than 350 years after the first group of Africans were brought to the United States of America as indentured and chattel slaves.”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. African Origins of The Major “Western Religions.” pg. 8-9. 1970.

“The history of the African-Americans’ belated entrance into European-American-style Christian Protestantism and Roman Catholicism is in itself evidence that the Africans, who were at the time chattel slaves of European and European-American Jewish and Christian slavemasters, were not wanted by the in-groups (the slavemasters). Could it have been possible that those Africans (who were not aware of the fact that their fellow indigenous Africans — such as Moses, St. Augustine, Bilal and others — primarily made Judaism, Christianity, and Islam the mass organizations they are) would have adopted the existing forms of religious worship their slavemasters were using to enslave them in toto? Not at all so. The mere fact that they were forcibly excluded from all forms of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic (‘Western Religions’) religious worship; and that they were even persecuted and prosecuted for any attempt at practicing either on their own, is further prime facie evidence that there is a distinctly different Judaism, Christianity, and Islam developed by the African-Americans that is not attributable and/or applicable to, and by, European-Americans. The uniqueness of their common eating habits represents no major differences between the two groups. For example, the African-American was forced to develop an appetite for ‘chitterling, ham hocks, pig’s ears, tails and feet.’ Why? Because all other parts of the pig, like all other edible animals, were reserved for the European and European-American slavemasters — Christian and Jewish — in and out of religion. In the case of the so-called ‘Western Religions,’ the Africans were even denied the right to read any book whatsoever that is, including the Jewish or Christian ‘Holy Scripture,’ much less the Moslems — which was not tolerated among the colonists, even after they became independent as the United States of America.”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. African Origins of The Major “Western Religions.” pg. 7-8. 1970.

“Are the ‘Negro Spirituals’ in anyway a developmental growth of European-American-style Christianity? Or, are they not an extension of indigenous African traditional religious chants that underwent European and European-American-style Jewish and Christian influences? The latter is definitely the case. Of course this conclusion would be very heatedly denied by those who wish not to be labeled — among other things — ‘pagans, savages, uncivilized, cannibals,’ etc.  But the fact still remains that Ju Ju, Voodoo, Witchcraft, and Magic, all basic elements within the so-called ‘Western Religions,’ have been emphasized in the African-American (Black) owned and controlled synagogues, churches, and mosques.

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. African Origins of The Major “Western Religions.” pg. 7. 1970.

“More than half of American voters believe that the system U.S. political parties use to pick their candidates for the White House is ‘rigged’ and more than two-thirds want to see the process changed, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. The results echo complaints from Republican front-runner Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders that the system is stacked against them in favor of candidates with close ties to their parties – a critique that has triggered a nationwide debate over whether the process is fair.”

Source: “More Than HALF Americans Think Presidential Nominating System Is ‘Rigged.'” Daily Mail. April 27, 2016. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3561447/More-HALF-Americans-think-presidential-nominating-rigged.html.