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“There is this nation called Ta-Seti and this nation is further up south on the [Nile] river, in an area called Nubia and that is called the oldest monarchy in the world. [T]hey excavated the tombs of these kings in Nubia and these kings were said to be tall, black-skinned people. The goddess Isis and her child were already in place at the beginning of dynastic Kemet [modern-day Egypt] in 3,100 B.C. The dynastic [period of] Kemet begins after the primary religion of Kemet had already been created. So when you go to Ta-Seti for example, there is the god Horus, this child that’s being held by the virgin mother [Isis] is already recorded in Ta-Seti, south of Kemet and it’s much older than Kemet. So the religion is in place, astronomy is in place, writing (the heiroglyphics or Medu Neter) is in place — all of those things are already in place. So the culture is in place before the political organization of Kemet as a nation.”

Source: Dr. Asa Hilliard’s Master Keys interview.


“Pope Francis said, ‘I cannot remain silent.’ The United Nations secretary general spoke of his ‘great anxiety.’ The European Union expressed ‘serious concern.’ American allies like Britain, France, Germany and Italy all declared it a mistake. A chorus of international leaders criticized the Trump administration’s decision on Wednesday to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, calling it a dangerous disruption that contravenes United Nations resolutions and could inflame one of the world’s thorniest conflicts.”

The arrogance of Trump and this racist, white controlled country!!!! 🤬😡🤬😡🤬 America has no authority to make a decision on this matter and I’m glad I’m not alone in my sentiments on this issue. . They think they can continue to do and say whatever they want without repercussions and consequences. Those days are numbered!

Source: Jason Horowitz. “U.N., European Union and Pope Criticize Trump’s Jerusalem Announcement.” The New York Times. December 6, 2017.

Beyoncé channels Yoruba Goddess Oshun.


I loved Bey’s performance at the GRAMMYs on Sunday. I loved it even more because one of the two songs performed, was co-written by my good friend Ingrid Burley!

Some people are saying that Bey’s look was inspired by the Yoruba goddess Oshun. The Yoruba people are “descendants from variety of West African communities” who are “united by geography, history, religion and most importantly language.” The main countries where the Yoruba people live are Nigeria, Togo and Benin. In their religion, Oshun is the “goddess of water, fertility, motherhood, and the passing of the generations.” This deity is also responsible for blessing women with twins. As you [may] know, Bey is pregnant with twins. For more information on the Yoruba, click here.

I’ve always loved Bey, but I love her even more for continuing to use her platform to help [re]awaken the psyche of Africans, especially those living in the United States of America.

More pics from her performance are below:

new books to add to my collection.


I’ve read earlier works from each author, so I’m excited to start reading these books!

visiting the Catedral Mezquita De Córdoba.


Below are some images that I took from inside the Catedral Mezquita De Córdoba.









This building was breathtaking, although none of the religious figures displayed were depicted as being persons of color! Aside from that, I loved how Christianity and Islam have been merged together. Although many believers think the two religions are vastly different and are still fighting unnecessary wars in the name of their respective Gods based on this false belief, the truth is, that these two religions have many similarities due in part to the fact that both religions (as well as Judaism) have African origins. When are we going to stop being so divided and realize that we are all ultimately praying to and worshiping the same “God”?

For more information about the Catedral Mezquita De Córdoba, click here: http://www.catedraldecordoba.es/.

“This chapter is being closed with ‘…the last act of the Osirian drama, the weighing of the “heart” in the scales of Thoth…,’ etc., as taken from the BOOK OF THE DEAD, the 125th Chapter — also known as the ‘NEGATIVE CONFESSIONS.’ One will see the similarity between that which is today called the ‘TEN COMMANDMENTS OF MOSES’ and source of its origin — the ‘HYM OF ADORATION TO THE GOD OSIRIS…'”

42 of the 147  Negative Confessions are:

  1. I have no done iniquity.
  2. I have not committed robbery with violence.
  3. I have done violence to no man.
  4. I have not committed theft.
  5. I have not slain man or woman.
  6. I have not made light the bushel.
  7. I have not acted deceitfully.
  8. I have not purloined the things which belonged to the God.
  9. I have not uttered falsehood.
  10. I have not carried away food.
  11. I have not uttered evil words.
  12. I have not attacked man.
  13. I have not killed the beasts which are the property of the Gods.
  14. I have not eaten my heart (i.e., done anything to my regret).*
  15. I have not laid waste ploughed land.
  16. I have never pried into matters.
  17. I have not set my mouth in motion against any man.
  18. I have not given way to anger concerning myself without cause.
  19. I have not defied the wife of a man.
  20. I have not committed transgression against any party.
  21. I have not violated sacred times and seasons.
  22. I have not struck fear into any man.
  23. I have not been a man of anger.
  24. I have not made myself deaf to words of right and truth.
  25. I have not stirred up strife.
  26. I have not made no man weep.
  27. I have not committed acts of impurity or sodomy.
  28. I have not eaten my heart.*
  29. I have not abused no man.
  30. I have not acted with violence.
  31. I have not judged hastily.
  32. I have not taken vengeance upon the God.
  33. I have not multiplied my speech overmuch.
  34. I have not acted with deceit, or worked wickedness.
  35. I have not cursed the king.
  36. I have not fouled water.
  37. I have not made haughty my voice.
  38. I have not cursed the God.
  39. I have not behaved with insolence.
  40. I have not sough for distinctions.
  41. I have not increased my wealth except with such things as are my own possessions.
  42. I have not thought scorn of the God who is in the city.

* In African Origins of the Major “Western Religions,” Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan lists the same “Negative Confession” twice. However, he goes on to state:

Note that this “Drama” took place approximately more than one-thousand three-hundred years to one-thousand three-hundred and fifty years (1,300 to 1,350) before Moses was supposedly driven out of Western Sais (Egypt) to the Eastern limits –Mt. Sinai — by Pharoah Rameses II between c1225 and 1232 B.C.E. An account of this document was discovered written on a black basalt-slab (stone) in the ruins of the Temple of Ptah at Memphis, Sais (renamed Egypt by the Hebrews and Greeks). This stone, itself, only dates back to the 8th century B.C.E. It was prepared by Shabaka — the Ethiopian (Kushite) Pharoah of Egypt — founder of the Temple of Ptah. It was Pharoah Shabaka’s attempt to preserve the words of his very much more ancient indigenous African ancestors, whose descendants are today called “Negroes, Bantus, Pygmies, Nilotes” and other such names. It is estimated (by Egyptologists) that the original script was written around 1,300 years before Moses (Moshe) — the messenger of Yahweh (Jehovah), 2575 years before the birth of the Christian’s God — Jesus Christ, and 3,197 years before the Moslem (Muslim) Prophet of Allah — Mahamet. Why, then, is it told that the first time man was given only “TEN” of these one-hundred and forty-seven (147) “CONFESSIONS” — called “COMMANDMENTS” — was when God allegedly gave them to Moses at Mt. Sinai?” Because each religion that followed the other in this region co-opted most of the myths and traditional dogmas of the former — Judaism, through Moses, being no exception to this rule of historical tradition.

Source: pg. 69-71.

“To say at this time that ‘Moses, of the Hebrew (Jewish) religion and peoples, was an indigenous African (Black or Negro),’ would create a catastrophic consternation among theological racists and bring down all sorts of ‘anti-Semitic’ charges by the same people who are equally as strenuously would admit that ‘Moses was born in Egypt,’ at the same instance, forgetting that Egypt is in Africa. Why? Because Egypt, in most European-American minds, is some sort of a mythical place remote from any place near Africa. This would not stop them from saying that ‘Moses was found floating down the Nile River in a bulrush basket,’ conveniently forgetting that the Nile River’s source begins in Uganda; also that there are two Niles, the White and the Blue; and that the White Nile is more than four-thousand miles long, flowing northwards through Sudan (Nubia) and Egypt (Sais) and finally emptying into the Mediterranean (Egyptian) Sea. They seem to forget that the Blue Nile’s main source of water comes from the Ethiopian Highlands — at Lake Tana; and that the other source of the Nile — the Atbara River, also starts in the Ethiopian Highlands and flows into Sudan — where it joins both the Blue and White Niles.”

Source: Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan. African Origins of the Major “Western Religions.” pg. xi. 1970.