The Temptations — “Ball of Confusion”


“The school shooting near Houston on Friday bolstered a stunning statistic: More people have been killed at schools this year than have been killed while serving in the military. Initial estimates put the number killed at Santa Fe High School at eight. (The death toll has since risen to 10.) We can compare that to figures for the military compiled from Defense Department news releases, including both combat and noncombat deaths. Even excluding non-students who died in school shootings (for example, teachers) the total still exceeds military casualties.”

Source: Philip Bump. “2018 Has Been Deadlier For Schoolchildren Than Service Members.” The Washington Post. May 18, 2018.

“Amid renewed national attention to the dangers of lead poisoning, hundreds of Chicagoans have taken the city up on its offer of free testing kits to determine if they are drinking tap water contaminated with the brain-damaging metal. A Tribune analysis of the results shows lead was found in water drawn from nearly 70 percent of the 2,797 homes tested during the past two years. Tap water in 3 of every 10 homes sampled had lead concentrations above 5 parts per billion, the maximum allowed in bottled water by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

Source: Michael Hawthorne and Cecilia Reyes. “Brain-Damaging Lead Found in Tap Water in Hundreds of Homes Tested Across Chicago, Results Show.” The Chicago Tribune. April 12, 2018.

“Historically, white males worldwide have suffered the deep sense of male inferiority and inadequacy because they represent a mutant, genetically recessive, minority population that can be genetically annihilated by all non-white people — males and females. Ultimately, this awareness in the white collective has produced high levels of masculine self-doubt, fear, anxiety and self-alienation. These difficulties have been intensified by the awareness that white reproductivity is far lower than the natural reproductivity of any non-white population. Thus, the white male collective feels vulnerable to the global non-white male collective but most specifically the Black male collective because of Blacks’ ability to produce the highest levels of melanin and thereby the great potential for white genetic annihilation. This basic logic of disgust with the white genetic and genital self drives the brain-computer in the white male collective to self-negating patterns of behavior. Also, it is the basis of the continuing question in the white collective, ‘Who has the largest penis — the Black or the white male?'”

Source: Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. The Isis Papers. pg. 46-7. 1991.

“A mass attempt by Palestinians to cross the border fence separating Israel from Gaza turned violent, as Israeli soldiers responded with rifle fire. Monday became the bloodiest day since the campaign of demonstrations began seven weeks ago to protest Israel’s economic blockade of Gaza. Tens of thousands of Palestinians took part in the Gaza protests. Protests also took place on the West Bank, where the focus was the embassy move. By late in the evening, 58 Palestinians, including several teenagers, had been killed and more than 1,350 wounded by gun fire, the Health Ministry said. Israeli soldiers and snipers used barrages of tear gas as well as live gunfire to keep protesters from entering Israeli territory.”

😡😡😡😡 In the end, these fraudulent “Jews” are not going to prevail!!

Source: David M. Halbfinger, Isabel Kershner and Declan Walsh.  “Israel Kills Dozens At Gaza Border As U.S. Embassy Opens in Jerusalem.” The New York Times. May 14, 2018.