“Some social scientists refer to television as the ‘first curriculum’ because it appears to affect the way children develop learning skills and orient themselves toward acquiring knowledge and understanding. Because using television and other media may require little in he way of effort and skills, educators face a formidable challenge in maintaining students’ interests and motivation in schoolwork. The average eighth grader spends more than three times as much time viewing television, surfing the Internet, and playing video games as doing homework and reading outside school. In addition, a large proportion of children and youth believe their peers’ values are significantly influenced by what they see in the media.”

Source: Levin and Ornstein. Foundations of Education. 10th ed. pg. 306. 2008.


“A society ensures its unity and survival by means of culture. The term culture has been broadly defined to encompass all the continually changing patterns of acquired behavior and attitudes transmitted among the members of a society. Culture is a way of thinking and behaving; it is a group’s traditions, memories, and written records, its shared rules and ideas, its accumulated beliefs, habits, and values. No individual, group, or entire society can be understood without reference to culture. Habits of dress, diet, and daily routine — the countless small details of ordinary life that seem to require little reflection — all constitute cultural patterns and identities. Socialization, which prepares children to function first as young people and then as adults, transmits culture and thereby allows society to function satisfactorily.”

Source: Levin and Ornstein. Foundations of Education. 10th ed. pg. 291. 2008.

“A Richmond, VA.-based activist group called Indecline has recently installed a street art resistance installation of several hung clown figures dressed like the KKK from a tree in Richmond’s Bryan Park. The same group behind the naked Donald Trump statues that popped up in cities across the country, and street art pieces calling attention to the Flint water crisis and #BlackLivesMatter, this isn’t Indecline’s first time displaying hard-hitting projects publicly.” 

Check out the video here:

Source: Erin White. “HANGING KLANSMEN ART INSTALLATION STUNS RICHMOND COMMUNITY, MAKES POWERFUL POINT.” Afropunk. September 8, 2017. http://afropunk.com/2017/09/hanging-klansmen-art-installation-stuns-richmond-community-makes-powerful-point/

“All it takes to reduce support for housing assistance among Donald Trump supporters is exposure to an image of a black man. That’s the takeaway from a new study by researchers Matthew Luttig, Christopher Federico, and Howard Lavine, set to be published in Research & Politics. In a randomized survey experiment, the trio of researchers exposed respondents to images of either a white or black man. They found that when exposed to the image of a black man, white Trump supporters were less likely to back a federal mortgage aid program. Favorability toward Trump was a key measure for how strong this effect was.The study is just the latest to show that racial attitudes are a powerful predictor for support for Trump — and the newest to suggest that such attitudes play a major role in Americans’ views toward public policy. Previous studies have found that racial resentment was a much stronger indicator of support for Trump than views about the economy. And other research has shown that priming people to think about race can make them more conservative on a host of issues.”

Source: German Lopez. “Study: Trump fans are much angrier about housing assistance when they see an image of a black man.” Vox. September 8, 2017. https://www.vox.com/identities/2017/9/8/16270040/trump-clinton-supporters-racist

“Hurricane Irma devastated the U.S. Virgin Islands — causing “catastrophic ” destruction and killing four people on the island of St. Thomas — and it will likely take years for the vacation paradise to recover. “Right now, thousands of people are reeling with trauma from of the most catastrophic storms ever to strike the Caribbean region. Hurricane Irma has toppled buildings and leveled many homes,” Rep. Stacey Plaskett, the Virgin Islands’ delegate to Congress, wrote in a Facebook post. “Making the Virgin Islands whole will require a massive and coordinated effort spanning the course of many months, and indeed years.'”

“In 1897, a British military expedition looted thousands of valuable artworks from the Kingdom of Benin. Now, 120 years later, the saga of the seized West African art continues. As Ben Quinn reports for The Observer, European museums have announced they will hold a summit to discuss what to do with the treasures next year.”

We live in a corrupt world if we let thieves determine the conditions in which they will return shit that belongs to us!!! 

Source: Ben Panko. “European Summit to Discuss the Return of Looted West African Art.” Smithsonian. August 31, 2017. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/european-museums-discuss-returning-looted-african-art-180964555/#cG4rUGBDzdSR0ddz.01

“Pastor Robert Lee IV took the stage at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards to share a simple message. Lee, a descendent of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, was there to introduce Susan Bro, the mother of Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer. On stage, he denounced the use of his ancestor as ‘an idol of white supremacy, racism, and hate’ and claimed it was his ‘moral duty to speak out against racism.’ He gave a shout-out to the Black Lives Matter movement, to everybody who participated in the Women’s March, and of course, to Heyer herself. It was a powerful, moving call to action for people to take a stand against hate. Not everybody was a fan of Lee’s speech, and in the span of just over a week, he was out as pastor at Bethany United Church of Christ in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.”

What kind of Christian people hate a pastor for making a “powerful, moving call to action for people to take a stand against hate”? Hateful Christians. Makes me shameful to have been born in Winston!

Source: Parker Molloy. “Forced To Resign From His Church For Speaking Out Against Racism, Rob Lee Has No regrets.” Upfront. September 5, 2017. http://u.pw/2wFbVsT