“Discussions of the federal judiciary often focus on the substance of decisions made — which side wins and which side loses — and rightly so. These individual opinions are frequently of incredible importance, not just to the parties involved but in shaping the law more broadly. Yet this focus on substantive decisions has obscured deeper structural factors at play in the nation’s federal judiciary. Structural problems — such as lack of judicial diversity, ideologue judges, and lack of judicial accountability — undercut the courts’ legitimacy and have tangible negative effects on judicial decision-making. Instead of protecting everyday Americans by serving as a check on abuses of power, too often the federal courts have become a tool for carrying out the agendas of special interests and corporations.”

Source: Sam Berger and Danielle Root. “Structural Reforms to the Federal Judiciary.” May 8, 2019. https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/courts/reports/2019/05/08/469504/structural-reforms-federal-judiciary/.

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