“What we have right now, in the NFL, in America, in the White House — it’s strange to say — is a theological problem, a fundamental misunderstanding of scripture. That is actually an understatement. What we are witnessing is a complete abuse of the fundamental purpose of the life and ministry of Jesus. Because if a single person in America believes Donald Trump is somehow the personification of Jesus that will be bringing Christianity back to the White House, American Christianity is in crisis.”


shaun King wrote an excellent article about how the NFL’s decision not to hire Colin is simply due to the slavemaster, racist and un-Christian-like mentality of the football league’s predominately white owners.

For anyone who doesn’t the NFL (and NBA and sporting leagues), read 40 Million Dollar Slaves. It’s a great read!

Source: Shaun King. “KING: Colin Kaepernick’s Future In The NFL Has Come Down To A White Billionaire’s Prayer Life.” New Daily News. August 1, 2017. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/king-kaepernick-nfl-fate-white-billionaire-prayer-life-article-1.3374183.


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