“[T]he frame of organizational innocence is wrong. It misses the many ways in which organizations construct, leverage, and capitalize on race and sex today. Brands, sales forces, and advertising teams are designed to appeal to people along race and sex lines. Employees are matched to markets and sometimes even job categories according to their race and sex. And even when organizations do not formally sanction discrimination, they can incite discrimination through the structures, practices, and cultures that they create and maintain. Organizations actively shape their cultures using specific management tools, many of which are regularly outlined in the business literature, on the pages of the Harvard Business Review and similar publications. Organizations recruit and reward certain behavioral and appearance styles, encouraging a cultural ‘fit’ with the industry and the organization. They structure account distribution, family accommodation policies, and pay, promotion, and discipline systems with employee behavior expressly in mind. These systems, practices, and cultures in turn affect the interactions, judgments, and decisions of the employees who operate within them on a daily basis.”

Source: Tristin K. Greene. Discrimination Laundering: The Rise of Organizational Innocence and and the Crisis of Equal Opportunity Law. pg. 3. 2016.


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