“Amid a sharp drop in African-American enrollees at Harvard Law School, a task force on diversity has released the results of a yearlong study, with recommendations that a group of students says come up short. The number of black first-year law students at Harvard declined significantly in 2016 — the year after racial tensions erupted very publicly on the law campus. Just 33 such students enrolled last fall, down from what would traditionally be 50 or more, according a new report by the law school’s Task Force on Academic Community and Student Engagement…The Harvard report, released June 29, said that the school can’t force the ‘acceptance and respect’ for differing points of view and opinions on campus…Four law students on the task force issued their own report, saying that the larger task force’s work was dominated by faculty members and is too general to bring about significant change. The official report does not fully capture the campus atmosphere when it comes to diversity and inclusion, they wrote. ‘We are of the view that the problem is not articulated well enough,’ reads an addendum to the official task force report written by the four student representatives. ‘Instead, the task force report resorts to generalities that are devoid of the concerns we heard from students, rendering the investigation piece utterly meaningless. While the recommendations are worthwhile tweaks, they are minimal in the face of the enormous task for which we were called to probe and mend.'”

Source: Karen Sloan. “Law Students Say Harvard’s Diversity Study Falls Short.” Law.com. July 17, 2017. http://www.law.com/sites/almstaff/2017/07/17/law-students-say-harvards-diversity-study-falls-short/


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