“Between c. 242 and c. 241 B.C.E. a somewhat uneasy peace ensued between Carthage and Rome. This was only possible, because the Romans had forced certain restrictions on Carthage after the Africans were defeated…Thus, after more than twenty-three [23] years of fighting, from c. 264 to c. 241 B.C.E., the first battles of the struggle between Carthage and Rome were concluded. It was the beginning of a series of wars which were later to be called the ‘FIRST PUNIC WARS.’ Note that ‘PUNIC’ is the Latin word for Phonecian, the name the Romans called the dominantly African-Asian mixed peoples of Carthage. One has to remember that the original group in the area came to Khart-Haddas and amalgamated with the thousands of indigenous Africans — the so-called ‘NEGROES’ they met there; the Asians being less than 200 to 300 men, women, and children. However, in less than 100 years after the arrival of the Phoenicians with Princess Elissar [Dido], the two groups had become one African-Asian people, their African characteristics being most pronounced due to the overwhelming amount of the indigenous Africans against the Asian settlers. By any sense of RACIAL STANDARD in the United States of America, the Carthagenians would have been classified as the BLACK, AFRICAN-AMERICANS, who are otherwise called nefariously ‘NEGROES.'”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. Black Man of the Nile and His Family. pg. 300-1. 1970.


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