“Many study the effects of bias and discrimination through the Lack Fit Model: a theory that ‘individuals tend to suffer from a perceived lack of fit to their assigned positions in the workplace if the attributes required in these positions are not congruent with the attributes ascribed to individuals’. While researchers generally use this model to describe gender-bias, Lathonia Denise Stewart and Richard Perlow used this model to explain how racial discrimination occurs. According to the this version of the Lack Fit Model, employers judge applicants based on how well they believe that person’s attributes will fit with the skills necessary for the job. If the potential employer has a bias against African Americans, he will hesitate on hiring an African American for a professional job. According to the Journal of Business and Psychology, ‘biased evaluators more confidently hire blacks for low status jobs’ since they believe they are more ‘fit’ to that job and have more confidence in them performing well in that position. Vice versa, evaluators had less confidence in ‘black workers with white jobs’ — meaning a job position commonly held by a white person.”

Source: Danielle Vickers. “Workplace Discrimination Against African Americans.” pg. 2-3. April 2017. https://sites.psu.edu/vickersrcl/files/2017/04/Workplace-Discrimination-Against-African-Americans-14hsrdf.pdf.


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