“The NAACP is shaking up its leadership, voting to dismiss its president, Cornell William Brooks, in what it called a ‘system-wide refresh.’ ‘The NAACP intends to aggressively and nimbly respond to the current climate of political unrest, as well as the assaults upon human and civil rights that threaten our very democracy, as only it can,’ the NAACP said in a release Friday. ‘To do so demands that the board of the NAACP ensure that organization has the right plan and the right leadership to address these 21st-century challenges.’ The group, which was founded in 1909, also cited the need to respond to ‘additional barriers’ that black Americans are facing and ‘confront the realities of today’s volatile political, media and social climates.'”

The expression goes: “Better late than never,” but what took them so long to realize that they needed to restructure their organization and be more aggressive in their fight for equality?

I knew that years ago after I spent years trying to get the NAACP’s support for my case against William Morris Endeavor Ent. The Hollywood branch in particular wanted nothing to do with fighting institutionalized racism and on-going race-based employment discrimination in Hollywood. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that majority of those employed in decision-making positions at the Hollywood branch aren’t black…They need to be removed as well!

Source: Saba Hamedy. “NAACP Dismisses Its President In ‘Systemwide Refresh.'” CNN. May 19, 2017. http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/19/politics/naacp-dismisses-president-cornell-williams-brooks/index.html.

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