“The premier provider of private law and justice went on trial over its own legal ethics. Venture capitalist Kevin Kinsella took his claim that JAMS fraudulently inflated a neutral’s biography to a San Diego Superior Court jury on Tuesday. Kinsella alleges that an army of JAMS marketing professionals added phony business accomplishments to retired appellate justice Sheila Sonenshine’s online JAMS biography to attract businessmen like him to use her services. ‘I emphasize the word fraud. It’s a very serious allegation,’ Kinsella’s attorney, Bryan Vess, told 12 jurors and three alternates in Judge John Meyer’s courtroom. Vess gave Kinsella’s opening statement Tuesday morning with Long & Levit partner Joseph McMonigle scheduled to present JAMS’ in the afternoon. While Vess is seeking to make the case a referendum on JAMS’ business practices, JAMS is expected to present Kinsella as a disgruntled divorce litigant who’s simply unhappy about being ordered to pay more spousal support. The company accuses Kinsella in court filings of waging ‘an unrelenting campaign’ of harassment that included ‘stalking’ Sonenshine at a CLE event. Kinsella claims he simply attended one event as part of his investigation into how Sonenshine markets herself.”

I will eventually sue the American Arbitration Association for fraud as well. 

Source: Scott Graham. “JAMS Accused of Fraud as Resume-Padding Trial Starts.” Law.com. May 3, 2017. http://www.law.com/sites/almstaff/2017/05/03/jams-accused-of-fraud-as-resume-padding-trial-starts

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