“At jails and prisons around the U.S., inmates who seek medical care must pay a fee of a few dollars or more before seeing a doctor, dentist or other health professional. Now, a new report shows how these copays can restrict access to care for incarcerated people who often make just cents for an hour of work ― and nothing at all in some states. A total of 42 states allow for some form of copay for non-emergency, patient-initiated visits with jail or prison medical staff, according to the report that the nonprofit Prison Policy Initiative published Wednesday. Fees in most states range between $2 to $8 per appointment. In Texas, inmates must pay $100 per year for medical care. Federal prisons require a $2 copay.”

Source: Nick Wing. “Prisons And Jails Are Forcing Inmates To Pay A Small Fortune Just To See A Doctor.” The Huffington Post. April 19, 2017. http://huff.to/2onqPPR

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