“Earlier this month in Beijing, amid the pomp of China’s annual rubber-stamp parliament meetings, a politician proudly shared with reporters his proposal on how to ‘solve the problem of the black population in Guangdong.’ The latter province is widely known in China to have many African migrants.’Africans bring many security risks,’ Pan Qinglin told local media. As a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the nation’s top political advisory body, he urged the government to ‘strictly control the African people living in Guangdong and other places.'”

I thought there were a lot of Chinese people moving to Africa as well? I also thought China was doing business with various African countries? The anti-black sentiment is global, so if that’s how they feel, then the feeling should be mutual. Fuck ’em.

Source: Joanna Chiu. “China has an irrational fear of a “black invasion” bringing drugs, crime, and interracial marriage.” Quartz. March 30, 2017. https://qz.com/945053/china-has-an-irrational-fear-of-a-black-invasion-bringing-drugs-crime-and-interracial-marriage/

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