“The Egyptians, or Ta-Merrians, entire LITERATURE — both secular and religious [if separable], is replete with documentary INSCRIPTIONS relating to their ‘SOUTHERN ORIGIN;’ and, even their ‘GODS’ they said: ‘CAME FROM THE SOURCE OF THE NILE…HAPI [the Nile God], AT THE MOUNTAIN OF THE MOON.’ One must remember that the ‘…SOURCE OF HAPI…’ [the Nile River] is still the same place in Central East Africa [around Uganda, Kenya, Zaire or Congo, Tanzania, and other areas around the Great Lakes], at the foot of the ‘MOUNTAIN OF THE MOON’ [today’s Kilamanjaro, in the Kenya-based language called KiSwahili], as recorded in THE BOOK OF THE COMING FORTH BY DAY [Egyptian Book of the Dead, and the Papyrus of Ani, written about c. 4000 B.C.E.]. The other two ‘SOURCES OF THE NILE’ are both in the so-called ‘Ethiopian Highlands.’ The BLUE NILE, which begins at Lake Tana, and the Atbara River that commences North of the lake, along with the White Nile, all three joins at Atbara [Nubia, Ta-Nehisi, Zeti or Sudan] to form what is called the ‘NILE.'”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. Black Man of the Nile. pg. 168-9. 1970 


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