“When Arab merchants came to the Sudan, about 1000 A.D., they already found a well-arranged system of commerce. When the Arabs first visited Negroland by the Western route in the 8th and 9th centuries of our era, they found the black kings of Ghana in the height of their prosperity.”

Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan includes this quote in his book, Black Man of the Nile. It was made by Captain [Lord] Lugard’s wife, Lady Flora Shaw Lugard.

This is my first time learning that Europeans once called Africa “Negroland.” Crazy. As a footnote on page 99, Dr. ben-Jochannan states:

“NEGROLAND,” the word underscored in Lady Lugard’s comments about Ghana, was a creation of the imagination of the colonialist Europeans before Lady Lugard’s era. It was incorporated on maps by Europeans such as her husband. Captain [Lord] Lugard, like Cecil Rhodes and King Leopold II of the Belgians, was responsible for the murder of millions of Africans that was not equaled even by Adolph Hitler and his Nazis at the height of their massacre of the European Jews. It is conservatively estimated that between them they had killed more than 100 million Africans in their question for control of the natural resources of the Afrians in their own continent — Alkebu-an [AFRICA]. (emphasis added)

If these genocidal acts do not constitute as crimes against humanity, then what does? Oh, I forgot….we AREN’T HUMAN IN THEIR MINDS so no answer is necessary. Enough is enough. Reparations are in order!


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