“It must be remembered that Spain was captured by General Tarikh [an African of the Muslim religion] quite a while before the coming of the Arab-Moors [also Muslims] to Spain. History shows that General Tarikh Was a ‘BLACK MAN’ [African, Negro, Bantu, etc.].  He was the first ‘MOOR’ to capture the first part of the Iberian Peninsula — Mons Calpe. He accomplished this fete in c. 711 C.E. He had also fought against the Asian or Arab-Muslims [Brown people] from Arabia in c. 680 C.E. or 58 A.H.; before his own capture by them, and his conversion to the faith of Islam [the religion of the Arabs and other Muslims].”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. Black Man of the Nile. pg. 59. 1970. 

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