“There is a strong underlying Negroid element in the mass of the Indian population, and in the southernmost part of the great peninsula there are forest tribes of dark-skinned and strikingly Negro physiognomy, with drizzled or woolly hair. There is a negroid element in gentle Burmese; and in the Adaman Islands — geologically little more than a depressed peninsula of Further India — the dwarfish people are absolute Negroes of the Asiatic type…In the more eastern among the Malay islands — especially in Burn, Jilolo and Timor — the interior tribes are of obvious Negro stock. Still more marked is the case of New Guinea, and most of all in the Bismarch archipelago and northern Solomon Islands. In these last resemblance of the natives to the average Negro of Africa is most striking, although the distance is something like 8000 miles. Negro affinities extend east of the Solomon archipelago to Fiji and Hawaii, and south of New Caledonia, Ismania and New Zealand. On the other hand, Africa for many thousand years has been obviously the chief domain of the Negro.”

Source: Harry H. Johnston. The West African Review. pg. 3. September 1951. 


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