“The election of Donald Trump as President can reasonably be expected to upend the current established order of things in the world of employment law. In fact, President-elect Trump’s election campaign, in large measure, was founded on arguments and issues that are uniquely the province of labor and employment lawyers.He promised to get tough on immigration. He adopted the Republican narrative of abolishing the Affordable Care Act. He overtly appealed to blue-collar white males, many of whom feel threatened by gains of minorities and women in the workplace and by what they view as inadequate efforts to protect against jobs flowing from the United States as a result of free trade agreements. And, he applauded the stonewalling of President Barack Obama’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. Thus, immigration law, health care, and discrimination law are likely to be scrutinized anew by a Trump Administration, and by what will likely become, in relatively short order, a Republican-nominee dominated Supreme Court.”

Source: Philip M. Berkowitz. “Employment Law Expectations of a Trump Administration.”  New York Law Jounal. January 11, 2017. 


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