“[A]nother objective of this work is its presentation of pertinent data needed in the African peoples’ RE-IDENTIFICATION with their great ancestral heritage. For the BLACK PEOPLES have maintained that: ‘IF THE EUROPEAN JEWS CAN FIGHT FOR AN ARID PIECE OF DESERT; THE IRISH FOR A SMALL EMERALD ISLAND; THE BRITISH FOR A BARREN ISLAND OF MISERY; PROTESTANT ANGLS-SAXON AMERICAN FOR THEIR STOLEN “INDIAN” EMPIRE; WHY SHOULD THE BLACK MAN [the African, African-Caribbean and African-American] NOT FIGHT FOR THE RICHEST PIECE OF REAL ESTATE ON THE PLANET EARTH — HIS ORIGINAL HOMELAND — “MOTHER AFRICA” [Alkebu-lan]?’ He must, though the struggle seems at times insurmountable. For IT IS IN THE DOING OF THE IMPOSSIBLE which made Blacks and Africa great for hundreds of centuries and IT IS ONLY BY THE RECAPTURING AND RECREATION OF NEW VALUES BY THE BLACK MAN will be free his mind, then his body, and lastly — his power. The Black man must, therefore, return to his temples in Ethiopia and Egypt and read his age-old reminders, which emphatically states to him and the world these prophetic words: ‘MAN KNOW YOURSELF.'”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. Black Man of the Nile. pg. xiii. 1970.


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