“As long as liberalism was secure back in America and the rejection of liberalism confined to the Israeli scene, this tension could be mitigated. But as it spills out into the open in the rapidly changing landscape of America politics, the double standard is becoming difficult to defend. That difficulty was apparent earlier this month at an event at Texas A&M University when Richard Spencer, one of the ideological leaders of the alt-right’s white nationalist agenda — which he has called ‘a sort of white Zionism’ — was publicly challenged by the university’s Hillel Rabbi Matt Rosenberg, to study with him the Jewish religion’s ‘radical inclusion’ and love. ‘Do you really want radical inclusion into the state of Israel?’ Spencer replied. ‘Maybe all of the Middle East can go move in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Would you really want that?’ Spencer went on to argue that Israel’s ethnic-based politics was the reason Jews had a strong, cohesive identity, and that Spence himself admired them for it. The rabbi could not find words to answer, and his silence reverberates still. It made clear that an argument that does not embrace a double standard is difficult to come by.”

Of course the “Jews” of EurAsian descent living in Israel don’t want “radical inclusion and love”! They can’t because they are a bunch of frauds who have hijacked this religion and are falsely claiming to be “God’s chosen people”.


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