“There are three currents off Africa that will take anything to America, if the fish don’t get it first. Dr. Bombard, in 1952, made the journey in the most ancient and primitive boat, a dugout. He crossed without a crew, without a sail, without food or water, using an African fishing kit and an instrument to squeeze juice out of the fish. He made it across in less time than Columbus or Vespucci. The reason he made it in less time is that there are two advantages that Africans have. First, Africa is only 1500 miles from America at its nearest point Europe is 3,000 miles away, twice as far. Second, Europe does not have the advantage of the African current. In addition, on the Indian Ocean we have found boats which took elephants to China 200 years before Columbus. You can’t bring elephants to China in a dugout. So, you see, whether it is navigational, oceanographic, cartographic, linguistic, botanical, eyewitness account, skeletal, epigraphical–script — there is evidence in nearly a dozen disciplines. No find, in any archeological context, even if you go back to early man, can provide evidence of its existence in nearly a dozen disciplines. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason, except prejudice and a refusal to look at the evidence, that can dismiss this as simply fantasy.”

Source:  Ivan Van Sertima. “African Science Before The Birth Of The `New’ World.” https://alamogordo.wordpress.com/2008/11/16/african-science-before-the-birth-of-the-new-world/.


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