“Woodrow Wilson proclaimed that this country entered World War I ‘to make the world safe for democracy.’ This was the very same President who issued executive orders segregating most of the eating and rest-room facilities for federal employees. This was the same man who had written in 1901: ‘An extraordinary and very perilous state of affairs had been created in the South by the sudden and absolute emancipation of the Negroes, and it was not strange that the Southern legislatures should deem it necessary to take extraordinary steps to guard against the manifest and pressing dangers which it entailed. Here was the vast “laboring, landless, homeless class,” once slaves; now free; unpracticed in liberty, unschooled in self-control; never sobered by the discipline of self-support; never established in any habit of prudence; excited by a freedom they did not understand, exalted by false hopes, bewildered and without leaders, and yet insolent and aggressive; sick of work, covetous of pleasure — a host of dusky children untimely put out of school.'”

Source: Kwame Ture (formerly known as Stokley Carmichael) and Charles Hamilton. Black Power. pg. 25. 1967 (citing Woodrow Wilson. “Reconstruction in the Southern States.” Atlantic Monthly. January 1901.).


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