“That study determined that the people who control Hollywood have gained and maintained their control by engaging in business practices that are unfair, unethical, unconscionable, anti-competitive, predatory and/or, in some instances, illegal. Again, both of these books take the position that the behavior of this small group of Jewish males of European heritage is not typical of Jews generally and that the Hollywood Jews do not behave the way they do because they are Jewish, but rather in spite of being Jewish. In any case, the focus of this and the following chapters is on the results of the above described situation, (i.e., in which Hollywood is controlled by a very narrowly defined interest group). This book further argues that it really makes no difference which narrowly defined interest group controls Hollywood, but that results similar to those cited here are likely to occur whenever any such interest group finds itself with an inordinate amount of power over others in the context of a single industry.”

Source: Mr. John Cones, Esq. “What’s Really Going On In Hollywood!” 1997.


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