“A most evident truth is that color prejudice is not natural to man but is the result of economic and social rivalry, the desire to hold certain groups available for exploitation. It has been shown….that while whites in Europe had no prejudice for a black skin they had for women, Jews, Christians and lower class whites while in Africa the whites centered their prejudice, not on other whites, but on blacks…The blacks, too, had their own economic rivalries, not of color, but tribal. Thus, color is only a pretext. It is only the outward form on which hate, greed, and jealousy fix themselves for justification. When it’s not color, it’s religion, nationality, politics, schools of thought, art ,music and almost anything on which people can differ. Left to themselves most of the white American colonists would have developed no more color prejudice than they had for blacks in England, which, as was shown, was almost nil. In fact, in the beginning of America there was much less prejudice for blacks than certain whites as Quakers and the Irish. The slaveholders deliberately built up color prejudice. So well were most whites and blacks getting along together that the master found it necessary to pass laws and exact penalties to promote it. In short, color prejudice is a plant that has to be zealously tended to keep it alive, so difficult it is to keep people who have much in common hating one another simply because their color is different.”

Source: J. A. Rogers. Nature Knows No Color-Line: Research Into The Negro Ancestry In The White Race. pg. 212-3. 1952.


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