“The religions of the world may be divided into two main types: namely, the natural and the supernatural, or Atheistic and theistic. The great Western cults such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are theistic, since they are founded on the belief in a personal god. The great Eastern cults such as Buddhism, Confucianism, and Theosophy are Atheistic religions, since they are not based on belief in a personal god. The theological god is personal, whereas the metaphysical god is nonpersonal. Many educated people in the Western World today are turning back tot he wisdom of the ancients, who believed in a Great God who was not anthropomorphic but just a name for the Universe, the All in All which has neither beginning nor end. The Minor gods were symbols of the laws and forces of Nature. Such ideas are embraced in the African Traditional Religions and in the most advanced type of religion in the Western World…Christian Atheism. Atheists have been popularly considered as anti-religious people. But many Atheists are and have been Spiritualists and Theosophists, and are not these people religious?”

Source: John G. Jackson. Christianity Before Christ. pg. 211. 1985.


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