“In reading the Gospel accounts of the early life and ministry of Jesus, we find that nothing of any certainty was known about his birth, childhood, and early manhood. The Mark Gospel and that of St. John say nothing of a virgin birth but start their story with the ministry of Jesus. The Gospels of Luke and Matthew deal with the early years of the Savior, and the writers disagree with each other in so many instances as to make their accounts of no historical value. Neither story appeared before 100 A.D., and it is not known who wrote them. Two birthplaces are given for the Lord Jesus, Bethlehem and Nazareth. Bethlehem was situated in Judea, about five miles south of Jerusalem. Nazareth is a considerable distance north of Jerusalem. Since nobody can be born in two places, then either one or both accounts are false.”

Source: John G. Jackson. Christianity Before Christ. pg. 205. 1985.


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