“Herodotus was told by Egyptian scribes that they had astronomical records going back 50,000 years. We cannot check these figures but certainly the Egyptian astronomers had accurate records, going back to a remote past. Later on, Diodorus observed: ‘The positions and arrangements of the stars as well as their motions have always been the subject of careful observations among the Egyptians…they have preserved to this day the records concerning each of these stars over an incredible number of years, this subject of study, having been zealously preserved among them from ancient times, and they have also observed with the utmost avidity the motions and orbits and stoppings of the planets…And according to them the Chaldeans of Babylon, being colonists from Egypt, enjoy the fame which they have for their astrology because they learned that science from the priests of Egypt.'”

Source: John G. Jackson. Christianity Before Christ. pg. 182-3. 1985 (citing Diodorus Siculus. Library of History, Book I. Translated by C. H. Oldfather. pg. 277-279. 1933.)


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