“The fame of the ancient Ethiopians was widespread in ancient history. Herodotus describes them as the tallest, most beautiful and long-lived of the human races, and before Herodotus, Homer, in even more flattering language, described them as the most just of men, the favorites of the gods. The annals of all the great early nations of Asia Minor are full of them. The Mosaic records allude to them frequently; but while they are described as the most powerful, the most just, and the most beautiful of the human race, they are constantly spoken of as black, and there seems to be no other conclusion to be drawn than that at that remote period of history, the leading race of the Western World was a black race.”

I wonder why don’t schools in the U.S.A. teach us anything about the ancient Ethiopians…? Is this information suppressed to maintain the myth of white racial superiority? I think so!

Source: Lady Lugard. A Tropical Dependency. pg. 221. 1964.


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