“A splendid era of Blacks seems to have preceded all the later races. There must once have been a tremendous Negro expansion, since the original masters of the lands between Iberia and the Cape of Good Hope and East India were primitive and probably dwarfed Black men. We have long had proof that a primitive Negroid race of Pygmies once lived around the Mediterranean. Blacks were the first to plow the mud of the Nile; they were the dark-skinned, curly haired Kushites. Blacks were the masters of Sumeria and Babylon before it became the country of the four tongues. And in India, the kingdom of the Dravidian monarchs, the Black and godless enemies, existed until the period of written history.”

Why don’t our schools teach us about the Pygmies? Why aren’t they mentioned in the Bible or any of the holy books in existence today?

Source: Eugen Georg. The Adventure of Manking. pg. 44. 1931.


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