“Whiteness is a manipulation. It washes away the diversity of cultures. Of ethnicities. Of old worlds. Of old medicines. Of witches and wisdom traditions. Whiteness washes the soul of the lineages it co-opts. Whiteness washes away the beauty of the lineages of all those who are not White in order to prop itself up. Whiteness tells the wearer that having systemic power is greater than maintaining one’s own human dignity. In this world, Whiteness gets away with murder. And gets to blame the victim for the crime. Whiteness must be defeated. Deconstructed. Looked at, from all sides. Scrutinized. Unveiled. Revealed. Counted. Discounted. Questioned. Understood. We have too much to lose if we each stay wedded to the power paradigms that divides us.”

Source: Chani Nicholas. “Aiming for Truth: Tuesday’s New Moon in Sagittarius.” November 28, 2016. http://chaninicholas.com/2016/11/aiming-for-truth-tuesdays-new-moon-in-sagittarius/


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