“Whiteness is a lie. A dangerous, disastrous delusion. Whiteness is a construct. A way of controlling and separating the classes. A way of turning people against one another for the betterment of a few fat cats. Whiteness comes with immense amounts of systemic power and privilege, but Whiteness is a myth. A myth constructed to keep us from our collective power. To keep us from coming for the top. Whiteness is a sickness. A virus that effects the heart, mind and soul of the wearer. Whiteness spreads its illness. Colonizes. Terrorizes. Steals. Murders. Rapes. Plunders. Appropriates. Proclaims itself a Victor. And Victim. Denying that it is ever Perpetrator. Whiteness is not natural. It is an aberration. It is and has always been used as an opiate to the harm that it inflicts. To benefit from Whiteness one must betray their own humanity by remaining asleep to their impact. Presently. Historically.”

Source: Chani Nicholas. “Aiming for Truth: Tuesday’s New Moon in Sagittarius.” November 28, 2016. http://chaninicholas.com/2016/11/aiming-for-truth-tuesdays-new-moon-in-sagittarius/


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