“There is one race. It is human and we are all it. There are cultures. There are ethnicities. There are differences. And they are magnificent. There are religions. There are customs. There are traditions. And they are glorious. There are histories. There are holy books. There are ways of breaking bread. And they are astounding in their diverse beauty.There are privileges. There are oppressions. And they are shamefully upheld by multiple and interlocking systems of power. There are scapegoats. There are injustices. And they are humanity’s greatest blight and ours to make right. There are those that are kept safe. There are those that are deemed “unsafe.” And it’s up to us to change such false narratives. It is up to us to change all the false narratives that divide us. Starting with Whiteness.

Yasss!! Chani Nicholas speaks and is the truth!!

I don’t know all of the astrologists out there, but very few that I’ve followed over the years (mostly white) discuss or take into account the realities of global white supremacy (racism) when giving their their readings. More should follow in Chani’s footsteps…
Source: Chani Nicholas. “Aiming for Truth: Tuesday’s New Moon in Sagittarius.” November 28, 2016. http://chaninicholas.com/2016/11/aiming-for-truth-tuesdays-new-moon-in-sagittarius/


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