“The strangely irregular plan of [the Temple of Luxor] prompted me to investigate the cause of these irregularities. Since this architectural conception was executed in several phases along the temple’s longitudinal axis, hitherto the simple explanation of attributing utilitarian purposes to successive builders has been adopted. In my opinion, only more profound reasons could have inspired these extraordinary constructions which certainly, on account of the very effort required, could not have been consecrated to inconsequential ideas. Many positive proofs and experiments now confirm the correctness of this way of thinking. Obviously, no one would build such monuments, and in such great numbers, over thousands of years, for uncultivated peasants. This work is of necessity that of an elite, and, even more remarkably, an elite that never ceased to renew itself, an elite that seems to have been uniquely endowed with a wealth of scientific knowledge, including an understanding of the laws of Life.” 

Source: R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz. The Temple of Man. pg. 20. 


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