“Horus was said to be the parthenogenetic child of the Virgin Mother Isis. In the catacombs of Rome, black statues of this Egyptian divine Mother and Infant still survive from the early Christian worship of the Virgin and Child to which they were converted. In these the Virgin Mary is represented as a black Negress and often, with the face veiled in the true Isis fashion…Statues of the goddess Isis with the child Horus in her arms were common in Egypt, and were exported to all neighboring and to many remote countries, where they are still to be found with new names attached to them — Christian in Europe, Buddhist in Turkestan, Taoist in China and Japan. Figures of the Virgin Isis do duty as representations of Mary, of Hariti, of Kuan-Yin, of Kwannon and other Virgin Mother of Gods.”

Source: John G. Jackson. Christianity Before Christ. pg. 109. 1985. (citing Jocelyn Rhys. Shaken Creeds: The Virgin Birth Doctrine. pg. 115-116. 1922.)


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