“Voters in California, Massachusetts, Nevada and possibly Maine approved the recreational use of marijuana Tuesday, and people in four states, including Florida, will soon be able to use the drug for medical reasons. Out of nine states considering ballot initiatives on marijuana, only Arizona seemed poised to reject a proposal allowing its recreational use. Florida became the first state in the Southeast to legalize medical use of the drug, and Arkansas, North Dakota and possibly Montana approved similar measures.”

Marijuana should be made legal nationwide. 

Source: Vanessa Williams. “Legal marijuana poised to grow as states vote to raise minimum wage, too.” The Washington Post. November 9, 2016. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/legal-marijuana-poised-to-grow-as-states-vote-on-guns-minimum-wage-too/2016/11/08/6c5b9606-a20c-11e6-8d63-3e0a660f1f04_story.html


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