“How can these CULTURAL ATROCITIES stop when Black Educators continue teaching by the ‘White Man’s’ YARDSTICK he established for Black People’s MORALITY, RELIGION, ETHICS, POLITICS, CULTURE, SOCIAL MORES, and everything else we do and say about ourselves and him too? When ‘WHITE IS RIGHT’ is no longer philosophically and realistically TRUTH among most of us, if not all of us; and of course when ‘BLACK IS WRONG’…, and with everything else ‘UNGODLY’ about it, cease to exist in our mind. But we have seen the results of this posture on our part because of our failure to teach our African-American [BLACK] Children that: ‘THERE ARE VERY DEFINITE CULTURAL PATTERNS OF BEHAVIOR [‘carry overs’] COMMON ONLY TO AFRICAN PEOPLE, WHICH MAKE US CULTURALLY DIFFERENT TO EUROPEANS’ CULTURAL PATTERNS.’ This we cannot state proudly, because we are too much afraid of the common negrophobic response which always follow such — the usual ‘White Racist’ concession: ‘YES!…NEGROES ARE THE BEST SINGERS AND DANCERS, ALSO LOVERS.’ Not that there is anything wrong with being the ‘…BEST…’ of any of the above, but we are also the ‘BEST’ in many of the other situations in which WHITES are BEST in under the same set of circumstances; just as WHITES would have been were they living under a RACIST SOCIETY controlled by BLACKS.”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. Cultural Genocide. pg. 127-8. 1989.


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