“For it is the Black Educator’s obligation to ‘EDUCATE,’ not MISEDUCATE, our own fellow African people who look to us for guidance in our historical, political, social, cultural and spiritual information related to our own heritage from ‘Mother Alkebu-lan’ [Africa] to Europe, to Great Britain, and to the Western World — the so-called ‘Americas’ and ‘Caribbeans.’ It is also OUR OBLIGATION TO ESTABLISH AND CONTROL OUR OWN AUTHORITY OF ‘RIGHT’ AND ‘WRONG’ RELATIVE TO EVERYTHING HAVING TO DO WITH OUR PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE EXISTENCE AS OTHER DO; as there could be no EXPERT OF ‘AUTHORITY’ ON AFRICAN [black] PEOPLE OTHER THAN THOSE AFRICAN [‘negroes, bantus, pygmies, hottentots, niggers, africans south of the sahara’ with or without capital letters] PEOPLE CERTIFIED AS SUCH BY AFRICAN PEOPLE, IRRESPECTIVE OF KOSHER SEAL OF APPROVAL FROM ANY SOURCE OF WHITE LIBERAL OR CONSERVATIVE ACADEMIA — RELIGIOUS, SECULAR AND/OR OTHERS NOTWITHSTANDING.”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. Cultural Genocide. pg. 121. 1989.


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