“It is stated that no less than three million of Moors were banished between the fall of Granada and the first decade of the seventeenth century…But the Spaniards did not understand that they had killed their golden geese. For centuries Spain had been the centre of civilization, the seat of arts and sciences, of learning and every form of refined enlightenment. No country in Europe had so far approached the cultivated dominion of the Moors. The Moors were banished, and for a while Christian Spain shone like the moon, with a borrowed light; when came the eclipse, and in the darkness Spain has grovelled ever since. The true memorial of the Moors is seen in the desolate tracts of utter barrenness, where once the Moslem grew luxuriant vines, olives and yellow ears of corn; in a stupid ignorant population where once art and learning flourished, in the general stagnation and degradation of a people which has hopelessly fallen in the scale of nations and has deserved its humiliation.”

Source: Stanley Lane-Poole. The Moors In Spain. 1886. (cited by Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. Cultural Genocide. pg. 118. 1989.)


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