“[W]e are still very susceptible to the ‘GREAT WHITE RACE’ and ‘CHOSEN PEOPLE’ myths we have been fed by our cultural slavemasters’ school system, religions and economic institutions also, by our own members of the ‘Negro [Colored] Clergy,’ most of whom are very poor carbon copies of their WHITE models that produce their Holy Books, God, Morality and Theology. These so-called ‘Men of God’ are themselves still teaching the BIGOTED RELIGIOUS and WHITE RACIST mythological allegory about the so-called ‘ORIGIN OF THE NEGRO RACE FROM THE CURSED SON OF NOAH’…in the European-American and European [WHITE] Jewish VERSION of the Five Books of Moses, otherwise known as the Christian Old Testament, which in fact is only a WHITE RACIST distortion on the part of certain Sixth Century C.E. European Jews [called ‘Talmudists’ and ‘Rabbis’] that created their own VERSION of the Babylonian Talmud. On page 29 of this volume their RACISM and RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY about their God — Jehovah — turning WHITES into BLACKS because of an alleged ‘CURSE’ is best demonstrated.”

pg. 91-92. 


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