“…Thus we THINK and ACT as the slavemasters’ children, and WORSHIP all that they have established for their children’s continued rule over our mind, body and soul. And, thus very few of us are willing to THINK and ACT in terms of the reality of ‘RACE, CULTURE, RELIGION’ and ‘ETHNIC PRIDE’ as do all ‘ghettorized’ WHITE Americans of the various tribes that originally came from Europe and Great Britain and transplanted themselves on the so-called ‘RED MAN’S’ continent after exterminating him and his GOD, forgetting very carefully that the ‘RED MAN’S GOD…GAVE HIM THIS CHOSEN LAND FOR HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE…,’ etc. equally as Jehovah allegedly ‘…GAVE ISRAEL TO THE JEWS…’, and some other GOD — ‘GAVE EUROPE TO THE WHITE MAN.’ This we should readily understand before we too point out to our young BLACK brothers and sisters what happened to their own ancestors in their enslavement by others, and to others their own ancestors equally enslaved.”

Source: Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan. Cultural Genocide. pg. 58. 1967.

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