“I conclude that much positive change has occurred over the last twenty years. Nevertheless, the future of meaningful equality depends upon resolving the controversy over the concept of victimization, as well as the appropriateness of group remediation. If we continue to overemphasize the interests of innocent whites and further limit remedies for historically disadvantaged groups, will be ultimately become a society which denies the link between group affiliation and individual destiny by denying the relevance of the group. But we are moving through and away from a time when the individual’s opportunities are solely or largely determined by group membership. We increasingly embrace the idea that individual merit is determinative of individual possibilities. And it may be possible, at some future date, to realize such a visionary ideal. But to announce that ideal as reality — before it has materialized — and to embody it in legal doctrine prematurely, would be a costly and possibly irreparable mistake.”

Source: Linda S. Greene. Twenty Years Of Civil Rights: How Firm A Foundation? 37 Rutgers L. Rev. 707,753-4. 1984-1985.


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