“In a 2012 editorial published by Law360, Mark Smalls, vice president and chief marketing officer at JAMS, encouraged law firms, corporations and in-house counsel to develop metrics to track their neutral selection, pushing them to be more transparent and conscious of their choices. ‘So how do we accelerate progress regarding diversity as it relates to ADR?’ wrote Smalls. ‘It starts with continuing to shine a light on the issue.’ But while ADR providers have on one hand publicly called to diversify the profession, they have been largely unwilling to pull back the curtain. Representatives of JAMS and AAA both declined to provide detailed demographic information on their panels, or to disclose the gender and racial breakdown of the neutrals most frequently selected.”

Source: Christine Simmons. “Where Are the Women and Minorities in Global Dispute Resolution?” The American Lawyer. October 7, 2016. http://www.americanlawyer.com/id=1202769481566?slreturn=20160908085916. 


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