“But neutrals and attorneys interviewed for this article agreed that available statistics mask the true extent of the problem. Even if providers have a diverse roster of people to choose from, what matters is who ultimately wins work from attorneys and their clients. Many sources agreed that, within the realm of business disputes, there is a small pool of ‘repeat players’ who are predominantly white and male. Women also miss out when big dollar amounts are at stake. A survey by the American Bar Association’s Section of Dispute Resolution published in 2014 found an inverse relationship between the amount of money in dispute and the likelihood that a woman would be chosen as the arbitrator or mediator to help resolve the matter. The study shores up the perception among neutrals that even when capable women are available, they are seldom chosen for the big-ticket cases that make their practice economically viable.”

Source: Christine Simmons. “Where Are the Women and Minorities in Global Dispute Resolution?” The American Lawyer. October 7, 2016. http://www.americanlawyer.com/id=1202769481566?slreturn=20160908085916. 


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