“It’s no secret that Big Law firms and courthouses around the country have struggled to add more women and minorities to their ranks. But even amid incremental progress on those fronts, alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, has been a stubborn enclave of homogeneity. Statistics are hard to come by and most ADR organizations are reluctant to provide data on their panels. But according to a Law.com analysis of the more than 350 neutrals affiliated with JAMS, one of the largest national providers of ADR services, 25 percent are women and 7 percent are minorities. More than 95 percent are over the age of 50. Diversity is especially paltry in high-stakes disputes where neutrals can command rates topping $25,000 a day, according to interviews with nearly two dozen lawyers and neutrals. Opening the door to more women and minorities, they said, would require a mix of awareness and advocacy on the part of in-house lawyers and private attorneys that to date is largely lacking.”

Source: Christine Simmons. “Where Are the Women and Minorities in Global Dispute Resolution?” The American Lawyer. October 7, 2016. http://www.americanlawyer.com/id=1202769481566?slreturn=20160908085916. 


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