“[New York human rights attorney Steven] Donziger said he hoped the Second Circuit would regard the latest petition as an opportunity to correct not only the flaws in its Ecuador decision, but also its reputation as a court increasingly known for its hostility toward human rights victims worldwide. One recent petition by a prominent international legal group representing victims of the 1984 Bhopal disaster in India said the Second Circuit had become a ‘graveyard’ for human rights claims. Another commentator, the Canadian Joe Emersberger, recently raised similar concerns about the court with regard to claims by thousands of Haitians who died of cholera after U.N. troops negligently dumped raw sewage in a river, only to be denied the right to sue by the same court. ‘Unfortunately, the Second Circuit has become known around the world as a dead end for human rights victims when those victims challenge powerful corporate or institutional interests,’ said Donziger. ‘My hope is that the full court will have the foresight to rethink some of these important human rights issues in the context of the Ecuador case where thousands of rainforest inhabitants continue to suffer and die due to Chevron’s stubborn refusal to comply with the rule of law and address its legal and moral obligations.'”

Nothing but the truth. The Second Circuit doesn’t give a fuck about human rights issues when “victims challenge powerful corporate or institutional interests” — unless you are “Jewish.”

I can speak from first hand experience. I submitted more than six appeals to the Second Circuit before and after arbitration. i also raised compelling and strong public interest arguments. In each decision, the Court issued a one paragraph decision basically saying that: 1. they didn’t have jurisdiction to decide the case (they did), 2. my legal arguments were moot (they weren’t), and 3. the legal arguments raised and buttressed by a pyramid of case law, sociological jurisprudence and other secondary sources “‘lack[ed] an arguable basis either in law or in fact.'” Smdh.

All of the appellate judges in the Second Circuit need to be IMPEACHED!

Source: “Armed With New Evidence, Donziger Asks Full Appellate Court for Rehearing On Ecuador Environmental Case.” CSRwire. September 26, 2016. http://www.csrwire.com/press_releases/39313-Armed-With-New-Evidence-Donziger-Asks-Full-Appellate-Court-for-Rehearing-On-Ecuador-Environmental-Case.


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