“[C]ongressional activity aimed at expanding political participation has given rise to state sovereignty objections; but these objections involve the perception of a false conflict. Congressional attempts to expand political participation are aimed at broadening the political base of state and local government and establishing truly representative government. In theory, this broadening of the local constituent base should increase the true representativeness of local government, and lead to truly consensual government. National legislative policy which enhances the political participation of state and local citizens reinforces the ‘contractual’ bond between government and the governed. In theory, the legitimacy of our system of representative democracy depends upon the existence of these bonds. Therefore, these protective congressional measures which ensure political participation by all citizens, reinforce and legitimize, rather than undermine, the strength of state and local governments.”

Source: Linda S. Greene. Twenty Years Of Civil Rights: How Firm A Foundation? 37 Rutgers L. Rev. 707,738-9. 1984-1985.


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