“New procedures for disciplining attorneys are set to go into effect Saturday throughout New York state. Court administrators said the most important aspect of the revisions will be to establish consistency so that lawyers will face the same punishment for the same wrongdoing, no matter which of the four Appellate Division departments they were accused of misconduct in. ‘The four departments were so all over the place on how they dealt with these things,’ said Sean Morton, deputy clerk in the Third Department. ‘I think that it will be a big thing that we will all working on the same page.’ The rules were adopted in December 2015 by the presiding justices of the four appellate departments and former Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, based on recommendations by the Commission on Statewide Attorney Discipline appointed by Lippman (NYLJ, Dec. 30, 2015). Morton said the appellate clerks and the grievance committee administrators in all four departments have also worked collaboratively for more than a year to reconcile regional differences in lawyer discipline that have developed over generations.”

Source: Stashenko. “New Attorney Disciplinary Procedures to Take Effect in NY.” New York Law Journal. September 29, 2016. http://www.newyorklawjournal.com/id=1202768878196/New-Attorney-Disciplinary-Procedures-to-Take-Effect-in-NY.


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