at song numero cuatro and i’m loving Solange’s new project A Seat At The Table, especially the song “Cranes In The Sky.”


Update: I finished listening to the entire album and it’s been in heavy rotation this weekend! I have followed and supported Solange’s career since she released her debut album, Solo Star, in 2002 and I am in awe of her growth — both personally and creatively. It’s been four years since she released her last album, True, and A Seat At The Table was well worth the wait!

I love the album’s texture and I was happy to learn that she co-produced this project with the talented Raphael Saadiq. Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with her via our bff Ingrid, and one of the things I love about her most, is that she has always walked to the beat of her own drum/remained true to herself. She’s unapologetically black and this album — from the interludes narrated by her parents and Master P to songs like “F.U.B.U.” and “Don’t Touch My Hair” — is a reflection of that. This album pushes black music to a new realm and I hope more artists follow in her footsteps. Go Solo!


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